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Luggage compartments

Quality luggage compartments from well-known brands for every car model. Like other car parts, various trunk parts wear out - they are exposed to environmental changes, frequent use and eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear or various damages. online shop offers a wide selection of boot parts for your car - some of the most popular items are boot dampers, gas springs, lid handles, opening switches, lifters and other parts for every car model at good prices.

How to choose a boot shock absorber for my car make?

The boot damper is a small but important part that holds the boot door in place. The boot damper has a high load-bearing capacity, so over time it loses its strength and is unable to support the boot lid, so it usually needs to be replaced. You can buy boot dampers at using our convenient search engine, where you can find the right part for your vehicle by selecting the manufacturer, car model and modification. Replacing your car's boot shock absorbers is a time-saving and knowledge-intensive process that you can easily do yourself.

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Car boot gas springs - how to choose? 

Gas springs are a hydropneumatic device, a support in which the function is performed by gas. The springs act as a support for the boot lid or bonnet when it is raised and also ensure that the lid opens and closes smoothly and easily. Gas springs normally have an indefinite service life - they can operate smoothly for decades, but can lose their effectiveness over time due to external and mechanical influences, and in some cases (breakage of fasteners, etc.) may become irreparably damaged. Factors such as: failures in the fixation of the lid, additional force required to open or close the lid, may indicate that the gas springs are not working efficiently. The spring should be chosen according to the specific model of your car, and replacing the spring does not take much time and can easily be done by yourself.