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Window Regulator

A window regulator  is a mechanism for raising and lowering the window glass of side (door) windows in vehicles.

The power window lift belongs to the vehicle's auxiliary system and performs several functions:

- Regulation of door windows (raising and lowering);

- Pressing the window in the raised position to ensure the door is properly sealed;

- Fixing of the window in any chosen position;

- Partial protection against unauthorised access to the vehicle when the window is closed and ajar (by locking the window).

Having a window regulator in the car makes it possible to regulate the microclimate in the passenger compartment, ventilate the car, remove cigarette smoke, etc. It is also a simple device that makes the vehicle more convenient to use, allowing you to avoid opening the doors and leaving the vehicle in a number of situations.

A modern window regulator is no longer just a mechanism, but a complex system with sensors, controls and actuators that makes the car more convenient and comfortable.

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