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The purpose of the handbrake (or parking brake) is to hold the car in place during long periods of parking. It can also be used in the event of a failure of the main braking system during emergency braking. According to the type of actuator, handbrakes are classified as: mechanical, hydraulic and EPB - electromechanical parking brake. The main elements of a parking brake are: a pedal or lever and cables.

When you have to replace handbrake (parking brake)?

The brakes are the main and most important safety feature of a car. The entire braking system, including the handbrake, must be maintained regularly. The handbrake is just as important a safety component as the other brakes, so even a slight failure of the handbrake can be hazardous to your journey. The handbrake or its parts must be replaced whenever it fails to perform its function or is damaged.

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How to order handbrake?

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