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Passenger airbags

Passenger airbags protect both the passenger and the driver from head, face and chest injuries, cushioning the initial impact in an accident. Special sensors are triggered when an impact occurs, giving a command to deploy the airbags. The airbags act to cushion the impact, the movement is slowed down gradually during the impact, reducing the likelihood of injury.

When should airbags be replaced?

Airbags should always be replaced when they are damaged. Damage can be caused by other mechanical faults in addition to the accident. The driver is also informed of airbag faults by a light on the dashboard. Although this is a warning light for the entire restraint system, it is necessary to make sure that the fault is not airbag related.

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How to order passanger airbags?

Choosing an airbag on is easy and convenient. If you know the exact model of your car, you can do this by using the search forms to select the manufacturer, model and modification. And if you need any help or want to enquire about certain products, our consultants are always ready to consult you.