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A car's headlights are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, ensuring good visibility and safety on the road. Car headlights are using not only in the dark, but also during the day, making your car more visible and alerting other drivers to your upcoming actions on the road. Car headlights also have an aesthetic function, improving the overall appearance of the vehicle. 

Headlights come in a variety of types and applications - headlights, taillights, sidelights, brake, cornering and reversing lights, LED car lights, daytime running lights and fog lights, which are used in situations of poor road visibility due to fog, snow or heavy rain. There are also a variety of additional functions and types of lights - modern LED, full LED, adaptive, matrix, laser lights and headlight kits for every car.

Selection of car lights

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Headlamps and their parts are not universal and are not suitable for every type of car, so you must choose them carefully according to the technical characteristics of your car. You can buy the right type of headlights for your vehicle quick and easy. Once you have chose the type of headlight (front, rear, etc.), use the quick search filter to select the manufacturer, the model and the modification of your car. The search form  will automatically generate a selection of headlights and parts based on the criteria you select. And if you need any help, always contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right product for your needs. 

How to maintain your car lights?

Just like other parts of your car, your headlights need to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure they perform as they should. Car lights do not have an expiry date and do not need to be replaced very often. However, headlights tend to lose their original appearance over the years and are exposed to weather, temperature changes and other environmental factors, which can lead to yellowing, tarnishing, materials or scratches. And while such defects do not prevent you from using your vehicle, they do reduce the efficiency of the headlights, road safety and visibility for you and other road users. 

You can take care of the proper maintenance of your headlights by yourself, or you can leave it to the professionals. If you want to replace them by yourself, you can do it with the help of a special polishing paste, which can be used to carry out a polishing procedure that will not only improve the performance of your lights, but will also give them a visually refreshed look. 

The bulbs of the headlights should also be regularly maintained and replaced, as they also ensure good road visibility and safety. If one bulb burns out, it is recommended to replace the other bulb as well, to ensure an even distribution of light. 

When to replace your headlights? 

Headlights must be replaced when they are permanently damaged. This can be caused by cracks, punctures, corrosion and other factors that prevent the proper use of the lights and pose a safety hazard on the road. Car headlights can be damaged in traffic accidents, by environmental factors, water and moisture. Also, if the above-mentioned upgrading - polishing - of the headlights does not work, it is also necessary to replace the headlights with new ones to ensure their efficiency and road safety. 

How to  replace your headlight bulbs?

Drivers can change their headlight bulbs themselves, but it is important to know the basics and not make any gross mistakes when changing them. First of all, choose the right bulbs and do not abuse them to change the lighting (for example, fitting xenon bulbs to halogen headlights using a covalent kit). When choosing bulbs, pay attention to the technical parameters. When changing bulbs, the engine should be switched off and the lights switched off. To replace the headlight bulbs, the headlight unit must be removed on some car models. Do not touch the glass with your hands when replacing the bulb, as stains or other dirt may shorten the life of the bulb. Replacing a bulb in fog lamps may require removing the wheel, the engine mudguard and the underfender.It is also important that you remember to adjust the lights properly when replacing the bulbs. You can easily do this yourself or you can have your lights professionally replaced and adjusted.

How to adjust your lights properly?

Car headlights are essential for good visibility and safety on the road, so they need to be properly maintained. It is recommended to adjust your headlights regularly, even if you don`t notice, they may not be at the right height, which can dazzle other drivers and reduce visibility on the road. It is recommended to adjust the headlights at least once a year, and also after accidents, changes in tyres, springs or other parts that may cause the lights to drift. 

You can adjust your headlights by yourself, without needing a lot of knowledge or additional tools. All you need is a smooth wall against which you park the car on a flat surface and switch on the dipped beam. The distance between the car and the wall should be about 5-7 metres. When the bonnet is open, there are screws at each of the headlights which adjust the height and sideways inclination of the headlight. The screws should be turned so that the height of the beam is the same as the height of the car's headlamps, and the most intensely lit position on the wall for each lamp should be the centre of the corresponding lamp.

If you are unsure about the correct alignment of your headlamps, it is better to contact a specialist who will use special equipment to quickly and professionally adjust your headlamps. Headlight alignment can be carried out at any garage or during a vehicle inspection. 

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