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Cornering Lights

Hight quality cornering lights from well-known brands for every car model. As well as improving visibility on the road, cornering lights act as a warning sign to other drivers behind or in front of you telling about upcoming actions on the road and your intention to turn. Cornering ligths are compulsory on every vehicle and are activated by a knob under the steering wheel. There are different types of direction indicators - front, side, rear and mirror-mounted. 

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How to replace the cornering lights bulbs?

You can replace your turn signal bulbs by yourself or by contacting a specialist, and in the most cases you can change the bulbs at any garage. If you changing the bulbs by yourself, it is important to choose the right lights for your car and it is recommended to pay attention to the ligths characteristics. The bulbs can be conventional, LED cornering bulbs, etc. 

When you replacing the bulb by yourself, you should switch off the car's light illumination, and when the bonnet is opened, you can usually change the front cornering bulb by removing the special plastic cover from the lemp, carefully removing the old bulb and replacing it with the new one. For some car models, the entire lamp will need to be removed from its place. It is important not to touch the bulb glass with your hands during replacing the bulb, as this shortens the life of the bulb. Replacing turn signal bulbs can be different for each car model, so if you are not sure how to replace your turn signal bulb correctly, it is hightly recommended that you contact a professional. 

How to choose the right cornering lights for your car?

Cornering lights are different for every car, so what works for one car usually will not work for another, so you have to choose the lights responsibly. Knowing the exact model of your car can make it easy. Choose from a wide selection of cornering lights in, use the search filter to find the right cornering lights for your car by selecting the manufacturer, car model and modification. 

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