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Stub Axle

Quality stub axles from well-known brands for every car. A stub axle is a large steel part mounted on the swivel neck, the solid part of the axle. The stub axle is a disc with holes on which parts such as brake discs, front and rear wheels are mounted. The stub axle is also integrated in the wheel hub. This is the suspension element that ensures the reliable operation of the wheels in the car. 

Stub axle faults

The average lifetime of a stub axle is normally around 100,000 - 120,000 kilometres. The rear wheel hub tends to wear less than the front. Wear on the front hub is most often seen when the bearing is not holding the stub axle in place properly. If a failure occurs, it is not repaired but replaced. The stub axle must be replaced if there are cracks, deformation, fractures or wear of the hub bearing. Failures may be indicated by vibration and an unusual rattling sound, as well as uneven tyre wear at the axle and possible grease leakage.

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