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Exhaust System

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is designed to collect exhaust gases from the engine cylinders and release them into the atmosphere rather than into the cabin. This system suppresses the noise when the exhaust gases are released into the atmosphere. It also helps to reduce the toxicity of the exhaust gases.

Exhaust system design

The exhaust system of modern vehicles usually consists of the following components:

- Exhaust manifold. It is attached to the engine. It is attached to the exhaust pipe, which is attached to the engine and has the same number of primary tubes as the number of cylinders in the engine. This component collects the exhaust gases in a central pipe. It also ensures the cleaning of the combustion chambers of the engine. The joint between these components is sealed with a gasket.

- Centre pipe. This connects the exhaust manifold to the resonator or catalytic converter and is used for the onward transport of exhaust gases. It is often constructed with a flexible pipe and a special elastic compensator which balances the temperature fluctuations and oscillations generated by the engine.

- Catalytic converter. Substances present in the harmful exhaust gases react with the coating of the catalytic converter elements and are converted into harmless compounds. Catalytic converters significantly reduce the toxicity of exhaust emissions.

- Healthy particulate filter. Its purpose is to clean up exhaust particles, but only in diesel engines.

- Resonator or pre-muffler. Used to reduce noise levels and to balance the pulsation of the exhaust stream.

- Main or rear silencer. It provides the final noise reduction.

- Seals, gaskets and connectors. All components of the exhaust system are connected to each other by piping. Pipe connections may be sealed with gaskets.

- Fasteners. The exhaust system shall be attached to the underside of the vehicle by means of special metal-rubber pendants with clips. These fastenings prevent vibrations from entering the car body.

Tips for maintaining the system

- Troubleshoot any engine faults in good time. Delayed combustion and misfiring and a high air-fuel mixture will lead to combustion of the fuel in the exhaust system, which can burn out the components. For this reason, it is also not recommended to use poor quality fuel.

- Occasionally allow the engine to run at high revs. This will allow the removal of oxides and soot deposits from the silencer components.

- Do not use the remote engine start function too often during winter. The number of heating and cooling cycles affects the service life of components.

- Avoid driving through puddles on poor quality roads. Sudden changes in temperature can cause components to crack. 

- Tighten the silencer fasteners in time. Excessive vibration adversely affects other components.

How to order exhaust system parts?

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