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Fog Lights

High quality fog lamps from well-known brands for many car models. Fog lights are only used in bad weather conditions (fog, heavy rain or snowstorms) and if the left headlight on the vehicle is not lit. The purpose of fog lamps is to improve visibility in poor weather conditions, to increase the light output in order to provide the best possible illumination of the roadside. Fog lights provide safety in poor conditions for both you and other traffic users. 

The rear fog lamp and the front fog lamps are used during the nightime, during the day they are pointless. They are directed downwards to illuminate the roadside and improve visibility for other drivers, so their use is not significant during daylight hours and their use is prohibited in normal weather conditions.

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How to change fog light bulbs?

Fog light bulbs can be replaced by yourself or by a specialist. Replacing the bulbs depends on the car model and the layout of the engine compartment. Some car models may be more convenient to change the bulbs from the bottom, others from the top. 

Before changing the bulb, disconnect the negative battery terminal, and conveniently access the bulb holder. To remove a burnt-out bulb, turn the bulb holder anti-clockwise and remove it from the housing. Without touching the glass of the new bulb, use your bare hands to put it back in place. 

The most popular fog lamp bulbs are marked with the symbol H to indicate that the bulb is halogen. There are many types of halogen bulbs: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11. These bulbs produce white light. The number next to the symbol H indicates the wattage of the bulb, for example H7 - 55 W. There is also a selection of LED bulbs to choose from.