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Bumper and parts

The bumper is a construction attached to the front and rear ends of a vehicle. The purpose of the bumper is to 'absorb' the impact of a minor collision. The bumper protection is made of stainless steel sheets and is resistant to environmental influences, does not corrode, oxidise or fade in the sun.

When to replace bumper parts?

The bumper is an open, external part of the car, so even the slightest accident, unintentional bumping of the car or other external influences can damage the bumper. Damage to the bumper can be very varied, including scratches, dents, damage to the paintwork, as well as wear and tear that occurs over time. Damage to the bumper can also cause damage to the wings, the bonnet, the radiator grille, the body guards, the headlights. Depending on the damage to the bumper, it may be repaired or replaced.

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How to buy bumper parts?

Choosing the bumper parts on partecha.com is easy and convenient. If you know the exact model of your car, you can do this by using the search forms to select the manufacturer, model and modification. And if you need any help or want to enquire about certain products, our consultants are always ready to consult you.