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Spoilers, also known as fairings, are a part of the car used to direct the flow of air, and are also built into the chassis to avoid unnecessary turbulence. They are designed to affect the aerodynamics of the car and optimise certain dynamic characteristics. Spoilers are quite robust and are usually made of plastic, sometimes metal, fibreglass or carbon. They are also often used to give the car a sporty look.

When you have to replace spoilers?

Spoilers do not have an expiry date, they are a part that does not need to be replaced on a regular basis, but it is not a good idea to neglect their maintenance, because like all parts they wear out over time. However, they can be replaced due to mechanical damage, defects, accident damage, fractures, breakages and corrosion.

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How to order spoilers?

Choosing spoilers on partecha.com is easy and convenient. If you know the exact model of your car, you can do this by using the search forms to select the manufacturer, model and modification. And if you need any help or want to enquire about certain products, our consultants are always ready to consult you.