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Radiator Fan

Quality radiator fans from well-known brands for every car model. The main function of a radiator fan is to improve coolant circulation and prevent engine overheating. Almost every car is equipped with a coolant circulation system and the function of the radiator is to cool the heat absorbed by the engine. When the car is stationary or moving very slowly, the heat is not removed from the radiator surface efficiently enough, so additional airflow is created by a fan to ensure proper circulation of the coolant. The radiator fan serves as an additional means of generating artificial airflow to the cooling system.

Depending on the model, the radiator fan may be located either at the front or at the rear of the cooler. In most vehicle models it is located in the engine compartment behind the radiator. Depending on the type of cooler, two smaller fans may also be fitted. In older car models, the fan was driven directly from the engine using a belt drive, but this was not efficient enough for slower speeds. Newer car models use an electrically driven engine fan (electric motor). Such a fan responds to the engine temperature. The electric motor/radiator fan responds and operates according to the engine temperature sensor and only starts to rotate when cooling is necessary.

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How to recognise a car fan fault?

It is important to replace the radiator fan as soon as you notice the first signs of possible damage or malfunction. A faulty fan can lead to engine overheating. Engine overheating can only be avoided if the cooling system is in good working order. Possible fan faults may occur if the fan does not switch on, or does not switch off at the right time, or if it switches on prematurely, or if it does not direct the air correctly. Normally a radiator fan does not have a shelf life and does not need to be replaced every so often. Fan failures can also be due to damage to the electric motor, electrical or mechanical damage, or temperature control problems. 

Sometimes the existing problem may not be a fan fault at all. To find out, you can check the fan yourself, or take it to a workshop. To check it yourself you need to remove the pins from the thermal switch and cause them to short circuit. If it works, it is likely that the fault may lie elsewhere, which may include the problems listed above (motor, electrical or mechanical damage, sensors). In the event of a fan failure, you can either replace it yourself or have it professionally replaced. 

How to choose the right radiator fan for your car?

At partecha.com you can buy radiator fans for your car quickly and conveniently. Use the search engine, where you can select the manufacturer, model and modification of your car and the system will automatically generate the right product for your criteria. 

When choosing a radiator fan for your car, please pay attention to the technical characteristics of your car's cooling system. If you are unsure of the product you need, our specialists are always ready to advise and help you choose the best product for your needs. A wide selection of quality auto parts for every car model.