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Slave cylinder

The clutch slave cylinder is hydraulically operated and can sometimes be operated by a cable. When the slave cylinder is actuated, the piston emerges from the slave cylinder and presses against the release fork. The master cylinder is attached to the body of the vehicle directly in front of the clutch pedal. When the pedal is depressed, the piston of the master cylinder pushes the fluid through the hydraulic line towards the slave cylinder.

When you have to replace the slave cylinder?

The clutch cylinder must be serviced and replaced regularly if it is not in good working order. A clutch cylinder that is not working efficiently can cause the clutch mechanism to malfunction, and a faulty clutch master cylinder will cause the clutch to stop working. The tappet on the clutch master cylinder will eventually wear out and start to leak hydraulic fluid. It leaks out and causes an airlock in the system which prevents the clutch master cylinder from functioning, in which case it is always necessary to replace the clutch master cylinder.

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How to order slave cylinder?

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