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Cylinder head gaskets

Cylinder head gaskets are one of the most heavily stressed engine components. Its purpose is to seal the combustion gas, engine oil and coolant chambers between the cylinder head and the engine block, both atmospherically and internally. The gasket also acts as a load distributor between the cylinder head and the crankcase, and is therefore a major factor in the distribution of forces in the engine and in cylinder deformation.

The engines that have been launched on the market in recent years are characterised by modern features such as high efficiency (automotive diesel engines with direct injection systems), optimised combustion, reduced weight through lightweight construction (aluminium) technology, but also lower fuel consumption, minimal emissions and recyclable materials.

All this helps to ensure that the engines are less harmful to the environment. Instead of the current cylinder head gaskets, which are made of soft materials and metal, multilayer metal sealing systems made of elastomeric strips coated with spring steel sheets are being introduced.

The mechanic in an automotive repair shop needs to know how to install multi-layer metal cylinder head gaskets correctly and follow the installation instructions provided.

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General installation instructions:

- thoroughly clean the cylinder block and cylinder head;

- check the smoothness of the surface of the parts (longitudinally and transversely) with a straightedge;

- remove any indentations (surface grinding in a metalworking shop);

- position the cylinder head gasket centrally in relation to the engine block (do not apply any additional sealant, oil or grease);

- protect the coated surfaces of the gasket against scratching or other damage from contact with objects;

- take care to prevent residues of material (e.g. metal shavings) from the cylinder head on the sealing gasket;

- replace the cylinder head bolts and washers with new ones, remove dirt and oil from the threaded holes and tighten the bolts as specified by the manufacturer.

Proper engine operation and a reliable and long-lasting tight joint can only be ensured by following the installation instructions. Engines are different and it is essential to follow the installation instructions provided by the engine manufacturer.

How to order cylinder head gaskets?

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