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Oil Pumps

The oil pump is the centre of the engine's lubrication system. The oil pump's job is to feed oil from the crankcase to the engine's lubrication points. When the engine is started, the pump immediately delivers the required amount of oil to the lubrication points. 

When should you replace the oil pump? 

The oil pump must be checked regularly as its failure is directly related to the smooth running of the engine. An inefficient pump will not distribute the oil to the moving parts of the engine, which can lead to noise from the engine and overheating. Oil pump failure can be caused by the use of poor quality oil, low oil level in the crankcase, filter clogging and other factors. In addition to engine noise and high temperatures, an oil light on the dashboard may indicate an oil pump failure.

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How to order oil pump?

Choosing oil pump on partecha.com is easy and convenient. If you know the exact model of your car, you can do this by using the search forms to select the manufacturer, model and modification. And if you need any help or want to enquire about certain products, our consultants are always ready to consult you.